Nga Hau Mangere Birthing Centre - Level 3

During Level 4 restrictions and safety, Nga Hau Birthing Centre is registered as an essential service. This means we are open.  To protect those at the centre, including mothers, babies and our teams, we have put the following measures in place.

From 18 August until further notice:

  • All visiting from this point onwards is restricted to 1 support person only during birth and postnatal stay
  • Support people will be provided with meals to avoid them leaving the centre for food
  • No one under the age of 16 or any person self-isolating, who feels unwell or is experiencing symptoms of cold or flu will be given access to the centre
  • Vigorous hand hygiene is essential
  • All women attending LMC clinics will wait in their cars till their appointed time and are not to be accompanied by anyone else.

The team at Nga Hau Birthing Centre sincerely apologises for any stress this causes.

However the safety of mothers, their newborns and our team is paramount during these very difficult times for all.

 Kia Kaha!  Fa’a Malosi!  We will beat this if we all work together.  

Bethlehem Birthing Centre - Level 2

  • Labouring women can choose 2 support people for labour and birth, 1 can stay for the entire PN stay and must stay within their room as much as possible but can leave to get food/supplies.  The other must head home within 2 hours of birth.
  • No persons under the age of 16 (unless they are the birthing couple)
  • Visiting is restricted to 2 nominated people during visiting hours 2-4pm (this does not include the nominated support person)
  • Milk café and PN support groups remain suspended until level 1
  • Everyone including LMCs will be screened and temperature checked
  • Any person with a temp of greater than 37.6 will be kindly asked to leave
  • Face to face counselling will recommence with mask and social distancing
  • Antenatal classes will continue via zoom
  • Postnatal transfers of screened women will be accepted if bed state allows
  • A mask is required if closer than two metres of anyone else.
  • Frequent and meticulous hand hygiene and cleaning of equipment is essential
  • PPE is no longer required other than mask and gloves
  • Tours remain suspended under level 2

Te Awakairangi Birthing Centre - level 2

  • Everyone visiting the centre will be screened for symptoms of Covid and temperature checked.
  • Any person with symptoms or a temp greater than 37.6 will be asked to leave.
  • Please wear a face covering when in the centre.
  • Please scan in and wash your hands on entry.
  • Remember to maintain one metre physical distancing.
  • Unfortunately, no under 16’s will be able to visit.
  • Antenatal appointments are able to be conducted – please arrive at your designated time (or text your midwife on arrival). You will be screened for temperature and health and shown through to your room immediately. You can bring one support person (over 16).
  • In labour, up to two support people can be present.
  • All women will continue to allocate one person to stay with them for support for their postnatal stay. This person will need to provide their own food.
  • All visiting is restricted to two people at a time (additional to the woman’s support person) with a maximum of four people per day. Visitors are asked to stay in the room they are visiting (with the exception of using the public toilet in reception).
  • Public tours of the centre are suspended in Level 2