These are difficult times for all. To keep our mothers, pēpe and staff safe so we may continue our service, we have felt it necessary to put stringent policies in place while the COVID-19 pandemic is of national concern.


During COVID-19 Level 2 restrictions Birthing Centre remains open.

To protect those at the centre, including mothers, babies and our teams, we have put the following measures in place.

Until further notice:

- Visiting restrictions will be lightened under Level 2.

- All women are now invited to bring two, support people with them, for labour and birth if they wish.

- All women will continue to allocate 1 person to stay with them for support, for their PN stay 24/7.

- All visiting from this point onwards is restricted to two people at one time only, (additional to a woman’s support person) with a maximum of 4 people/day.

- Visitors will only be given access between the hours of 2-8pm.

- Visitors are asked to stay no longer than 1 hour and stay in the room they are visiting, with the exception of using the public toilet in reception.
- Under 16s will be permitted if accompanied by an adult. But are included in the maximum number of 4
- No one who feels unwell or is experiencing symptoms of cold or flu will be given access to the centre.

- Everyone entering the centre will be screened for temperature.

- Vigorous hand hygiene and social distancing is essential.

The team at [Birthing Centre] sincerely apologises for any stress continuing visitor restrictions causes. However, we are the guardians of mothers safety during these difficult times.

Kia Kaha! We will beat this if we all work together.