These are difficult times for all. To keep our mothers, pēpe and staff safe so we may continue our service, we have felt it necessary to put stringent policies in place while the COVID-19 pandemic is of national concern.


During COVID-19 Level 4 restrictions and safety, Birthing Centre is registered as an essential service. This means we are open.

To protect those at the centre, including mothers, babies and our teams, we have put the following measures in place.

From today until further notice:

-All visiting from this point onwards is restricted to one support person only during birth and postnatal stay.
-If possible, support people are asked to stay at the Birthing Centre once you arrive, rather than come and go, in order to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission.
-No one under the age of 16 or any person self-isolating, who feels unwell or is experiencing symptoms of cold or flu will be given access to the centre.
-Milk Café, SuperGrans postnatal support group, counselling, photography, LMC Clinics, and hearing screening appointments are cancelled.
-Vigorous hand hygiene is essential. We have hand sanitiser at reception and require thorough regular handwashing.

The team at Birthing Centre sincerely apologises for any stress this causes. However, the safety of mothers, their newborns and our team is paramount during these very difficult times for all.

Kia Kaha! We will beat this if we all work together.