Nga Hau

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Nga Hau Mangere Birthing Centre

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The first baby was born at Nga Hau Mangere Birthing centre on Thursday 23rd May 2019.  We have just celebrated being open for one year.  Due to COVID we held a small celebration but look forward to welcoming all our families for a bigger celebration once restrictions are lifted.


To book to use our facility you will need to be registered with a Lead Maternity Carer (Midwife) who has an Access Agreement. Your midwife will book you in.

Nga Hau Mangere Birthing Centre is a warm, nurturing environment, which offers a comfortable sanctuary for new mums.

Tours are currently being held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Please call or email the centre to arrange a  time to visit.

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Our staff, including registered midwives, will ensure your first few days as a new mum are as stress-free and peaceful as possible. This will allow you to get on with the joyful experience of bonding with your baby.

As a primary birthing unit, Nga Hau Mangere Birthing Centre is not a hospital or clinical setting, which means we do not use medical intervention or drugs. Entonox (gas) is available.

Your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) coordinates and plans the care of you and your baby and takes the lead at all times in the same way as in a home birth.

There are no specialists, obstetricians or GPs on site, but Nga Hau Mangere Birthing Centre will work collaboratively with local DHBs in the event that a transfer is required.

The blessing of our building, ceremonial opening and appointment of a Clinical Midwife Manager was held on 18th March 2019.  Watch some footage from Maori TV here