Antenatal Classes at Bethlehem Birthing Centre

Antenatal Classes - Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Bethlehem Birthing Centre offers free antenatal classes to parents who plan to birth or are considering birthing at the Centre.  These classes have proven to be very popular and spaces fill quickly.  If you would like to attend, please register as early as possible using the Book Now link below (any enquiries can be emailed to 

Followed up by...

The Milk Café

Support group for Mums - can be attended by any mother.

Please come if you need support with feeding or any other challenges adapting to life with a baby.
A midwife will be available to support you.
Also come if you just feel like sitting in a warm room with your baby, to meet other mums who are facing the same challenges.
We all need to make that village!

The focus of our classes is to strengthen our community and foster coffee groups, primary birthing and support networks for the new Mums in our community.

Classes are in high demand so please book early!

Free goodie bag and class resource book included.

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