Nga Hau

Meet the Team

Tish Taihia, Clinical Midwife Manager, Nga Hau Mangere 

As a member of Pasifika Midwives Aotearoa, Tish had been part of a collective who envisaged having a primary birthing unit in Māngere for many years.

“Birthing Centre and the Wright Family Foundation have been able to manifest that vision for us,” she says. Similar philosophies of family values have drawn her to the organisation.

Tish is a New Zealand-born Samoan midwife, a mother and a grandmother. She came to midwifery 22 years ago as a mature student.

She worked as a midwife at CMDHB in various roles, including her last as Charge Midwife Manager of the high-risk antenatal and postnatal ward at Middlemore Hospital.   “I had three home births myself and after working in high-risk secondary care I decided to put my name in the hat for this role and return to what originally drew me to midwifery - primary birthing.”

Chantal Naidoo, Centre Administration, Nga Hau Mangere

Chantal Naidoo born in South Africa emmigrated to NZ in 1994.

She started her career in Travel & Tourism business and computer studies and after a lot of traveling,  Chantal got married and had her daughter. Chantal felt she wanted to be involved in the community and went on to study Community Health Science and working with Māori organisations to set up maternity wrap around services. Chantal has worked with MDHB in various maternity care services. Chantal is well know by south Auckland midwives & has a wide knowledge of midwifery as she worked at AUT Midwifery School as a Midwifery Simulation Technician.

She is very passionate about working with the community and will ensure that every mum that comes through the doors of Nga Hau Birthing Centre is given all the support they need.