Your Care

Safety and Endorsements

Our birthing centres are primary birthing facilities, which means they are a non-clinical setting for women having low-risk, non-intervention births. There are no specialists, obstetricians or GPs on site.

How we keep you and your baby safe

A registered health professional is on duty at the centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to support mothers and their Lead Maternity Carer (LMC). A Registered Midwife is always on call, and more staff are available when required.

In the event that you or your baby need transferring to hospital for specialist care, our clinically qualified staff give their full support to your LMC to stabilise you and your baby, using our specialised equipment, before a timely transfer to hospital. All birthing centre staff are trained to respond to an emergency situation and use the emergency equipment on site.

Our facilities have the support of the local hospitals, and we aim to meet World Health Organisation recommendations for maternity services. As primary birthing units, our facilities have been audited under the Health and Disability Sector standards.

Birthing Centre endeavours to have all centres accredited, and to maintain accrediation,  with the New Zealand Breastfeeding Authority as Baby Friendly Hospitals by providing ongoing education for staff, utilising the services of Lactation Consultants and having policies relating to breastfeeding, in line with best practice.