Nga Hau

Mangere Lead Maternity Carers and Midwives

To use our facility you will need to be registered with a midwife who has an Access Agreement with us.

Midwives who choose to bring women to our facility and want us to share that information are listed below.

Please ask your midwife whether they will be bringing mothers to our facility.

Many midwives are listed on 

Amanda Fergus

Amanda Whiting

Ana Mihaere

Anna Aldea

Annmarie Taiapa-Johnson 

Arlene Oram

Caitlin Pickery

Camille Harris

Cassandra MacClure

Christine Bradley

Deborah Lazenby

Debra Sinclair

Dianne Wihone

Emma McIntyre

Federica Tomasi

Helen Tameifuna

Homayra Eshani

Jasmine Gray

Jenny Wen

Kayla Wardrop

Laetitia Pelser

Linda Burke

Lisa Nathan

Loriza (Liz) Yunus

Maliana Siu

Razia Imraaz

Sarah Brien

Sarah Chance

Sarai Tepou

Sev Shema

Shernette Smith Phipps

Sonia Azizi

Sou Taliauli

Symone McCormick

Tanya Rangi

Trisha Berina

Valenitina-Anne Kulitapa

Waimarie Onekawa