Palmerston North

Meet the Team

Rachel Cleall & Jane Spilman, Clinical Managers, Te Papaioea

Rachel Cleall (left) and Jane Spilman co-manage Te Papaioea Birthing Centre.

“It’s an exciting, innovative way to be working because we know there is a high burnout rate in midwifery, and we need to start working a bit smarter. Rachel and I have always worked alternate weeks to fit around our families, so for us it’s a smart way to achieve work-life balance,” says Jane.

Rachel says Te Papaioea is such an asset for the women of the Manawatu region. “To be able to access our facility and achieve their desire to birth without intervention and encounter a satisfying birth experience in a safe space is of huge significance, not only for the woman but also her whānau. I’m really excited to be working alongside Jane and I look forward to what the future holds.”

Janelle Ramsay, Administrator, Te Papaioea

Janelle has managed and worked in retail, floristry and administration for many years, and has a natural affinity with people.

Her vision as the Administrator at Te Papaioea Birthing Centre is to provide  a warm and positive experience for all mothers, families and friends.