Your Care

Your Care

Women's bodies are designed to give birth - and most can do it without medical intervention. Giving birth isn't a medical emergency - it's a normal function of biology.

Birthing Centre facilites are for women having non-intervention, low-risk births.

Our aim is to give women the choice and best chance to give birth actively and naturally without intervention.

LMC Midwifery Services

All our Birthing Centres now offer a LMC Midwifery Service to women that are unable to find a midwife to provide their primary care. The Birthing Centre offers a 24/7 midwifery care and telephone service. This is a free midwifery service the same as any other LMC midwifery service.

All the midwives employed by the Birthing Centre are experienced primary care midwives that support women who wish to have a primary birth experience in the Birthing Centre.

The criteria for the women that wish to use the LMC service is:

  1. They have tried to attain the services of a LMC service but have been unable to do so
  2. They are planning to birth at the Primary Birthing Centre
  3. They must understand that it is a Team of Midwives that will provide their care
  4. They are willing to attend the Birthing Centre for all their antenatal care
  5. Arrangements will be made to provide the postnatal care for the women
  6. Healthy woman and baby

Referrals can be:

  • From the woman herself
  • From another LMC
  • From the DHB

If you are pregnant and have been unable to find a LMC midwife to provide your Antenatal Labour and Delivery Care please contact one of our Birthing Centres close to you and talk to the Clinical Midwife Manager or a staff midwife about the midwifery service we are able to offer.

Bethlehem Birthing Centre – Tauranga- 7 570 6106

Te Papaioea Birthing Centre- Palmerston North- 06 929 4584

Te Awakairangi Birthing Centre- Lower Hutt- 04 595 4035

Additional Options

Birthing Centre Ltd have muka ties available for optional purchase.

Muka ties are an alternative to the cord clamp provided by the centre for clamping the umbilical cord prior to cutting.

Handcrafted from muka flax fibre, known for its anti-bacterial properties, muka ties have been traditionally used by Maori families for centuries.  They provide a softer and more beautiful alternative to a cord clamp.

Additional to these we have a blessed pounamu cutting blade and stone, for an alternative ‘traditional’ method of cutting the umbilical cord.  Let us know if this is something you would like to incorporate into your baby’s birth story/arrival.